Nothing dey happen

by 2face Idibia

Yes o yes o yes o hay... Yes o yes o yes o hoo
My guy Na your eye u go sharpen oo bcos he like say he don dey happen, no shaken notin dey happen, Nobody won kpai, but dem won go heaven
I wal called for the money, it is not funny... cos I gat to say is not busy at all at all... e I was you... I get busy cos I nor go fit afford to get lazy at all at all. nor let opportunity pass you by U get to dey always continue to dey try, U get to try to dey always and mind bcos U no won Kpai b4 u die, lie lie I know say u dey like to dey jolly cos I see you for my body u dey shake e your body. I know say u go like to make e money to impress your body plus all of your family... There is no film trick involved inside... Reality my brother is the way dat be right, if I tell u say easy o Na setup. So now wat u gat to do is raise up and get up. For wat believe is stand up, if it seems dat you sleep and raise up, you gat to fight for yourself b4 you find yourself by yourself wit your hands up, you gat to be strong, you gat to hold on, you gat to keep keeping on, you gat to realize say it is all man for himself, dats Y I say.

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