U-turn (lili)

by AaRON

Lili, take another walk out of your fake world
Please put all the drugs out of your hand
You´ll see that you can breath without not back up
Some much stuff you got to understand

For every step in any walk
Any town of any thaught
I´ll be your guide
For every street of any scene
Any place you´ve never been
I´ll be your guide

Lili, you know there´s still a place for people like us
The same blood runs in every hand
You see it´s not the wings that makes the angel
Just have to move the bats out of your head

{Au Refrain}

Lili, easy as a kiss we´ll find an answer
Put all your fears back in the shade
Don´t become a ghost without no colour
Cause you´re the best paint life ever made

{Au Refrain}


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