I mean acid / do ya like it

by Acid Drinkers

I Mean Acid /D o Ya Like It?It´s not true, that I´m a drunkardEven though mother damned a thousand times,It´s not true, that I´m ungreatfulBut I´m not without a blemish too.It´s true, Jim has almost killed meEven though he wasn´t my masterIt´s true - I´m not afraid of acidAnd I´d like everything right now.Somebody said that I´m a kidAnd he was absolutely rightSomebody saw me mixin´ "Bloody Titus"He said, "It´s not an attraction."A drunk lady danced behind meNaked in my black leatherI Intended to f... her as cold as stoneBut I couldn´t - I got too muchAnd it´s true, that I´m wickedEven though they thanked me many timesIt´s true that I´m a motherf...erBut I don´t fell any repulsion to myselfHey you, don´t tell me, don´t even try,That fault is only mine,And don´t damn acid,It´s cheap and it kicks so wellI mean acid! Do you like it?!

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