by Agathodaimon

Endless fear, darkness holds me
I don´t know if I´m wrong or right
Where´s my world that I loved so before?
All has gone, bleeding and dying

I don´t know what you have done to me
Left me hollow inside, feel like dirt
I wanna slam you, just wanna kill you
All I want to see is you, lying down in pain

Forever I´ll hate you
Was all that I could say
Leaving the ghost of you behind
Tears of sorrow I´ll never spill again
Scratchin your face out of my mind

Are you really sure what you wanna be now?
It´s just a fake to me, yes
Fuck yourself and die a painful death
I don´t need you to love me anymore
Get away and leave my life alone
One step away from twisting your neck
The crown of the human race
Fuck you, is it really you

Loving you, killing you, loving you
Killing you


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