by Alyson Michalka

On the seventh hour of the seventh day
The seventh son was looking for a seventh stage get away
The word came down from a blinding light
You got one chance, baby, baby, you better do it right

I was driving down on the 101
It was late at night and I was thinking ´bout the things I´d done
All of my regrets and, baby, all of my fears
I was slipping the car from gear to gear to gear

Hey hey hey

God bless the child, God bless his soul
God perish the idea that he´ll die before he´s old
You gotta be cool, you got to behave
And there´ll be time for that when I´m lying in my grave

You gotta watch your step, or you´ll lose your way
Take heed of your elders and do everything they say
Watch out for the man, the man who tolls the bells
But if I fear for the devil and I fear for myself
Then I´m gonna have to fear for everybody else

Oh yeah, I´m gonna fly (sha la la la la mamma yeah)
I´m gonna live until the day I die
Ain´t got time to wonder why
I´m gonna live until the day I die

Sha la la la mama yeah (repeat)


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