by American Head Charge

Stink filled spasms
Deep in a colostomy bag
I like being trapped inside
The plastics wearing out
Red and perfect her legs
Spread out in front of me
They´re so open they make me sweat
It´s my lubrication
Recent findings say
Circumcise the abstinent
Make it hard for them to breathe
I like to make you lie
Dropped and so ill
Steeped in my mysogeny
My shaking hands are in the skin
I´ve gone too far too soon

You look so seamless now {x4}

She stared at me
Thinking I was sweet to it
Her legs tied apart for me
It feels so good inside
Now I´m thinking
Whos this that lies under me
Needs a piece of my respect
You make me so sick I´m
Crawling broken my face is
Cringing to see
Figures drawn inside of me
Succumb {x3}
Sickness fittings
Procured this fascist medium
But know I´m laughing in your face
You lie {x3}

You look so seamless now {x8}

Take me
Take my life


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