Be like that

by American Pie 2

He spends his nights in California, watching
The stars on the big screen
Then he lies awake and he wonders, why
Can´t that be me
Cause in his life he is filled with all these
Good intentions
He´s left a lot of things he´d rather not
Mention right now
But just before he says goodnight, he looks
Up with a little smile at me and he says

If I could be like that, I would
Give anything
Just to live one day, in those shoes
If I could be like that, what would I do
What would I do

Now and dreams we run

She spends her days up in the north park,
Watching the people as they pass
And all she wants is just a little piece of
This dream, is that too much to ask
With a safe home, and a warm bed, on a
Quiet little street
All she wants is just that something to
Hold onto, that´s all she needs


{au Refrain}

I´m falling into this, in dreams
We run away

{au Refrain, x3}

Falling in
I fee I am falling in, to this again


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