Paint hell red

by Angelspit

Come on pretty, play with me
Burn your hood, lay with me
My what big, teeth I have
Better to mix, fluids with

Take the path of needles to him
Dirty girl feelin´ playful
Road to ruin pathed with pins
Hurried clumsy unstable

Beat at the head ‘til you run red girl (pretty cannibal girl)
Wake Shieva, I´m gunna paint hell red (little miss vex girl)
Beat at the head ‘til you run red girl (night working blade girl)
Raise Hades, I´m gunna paint hell red (razor lolly-pop girl)

And the cat said
A slut is she, who eats the flesh
Drinks the blood, kaka in bed
Her play thing, soiled mess
Come on puppy, let´s play dead

Smashed beauty tied up with rope
Nailed to the bed, beast seduced
Axe girl summons flies and maggots
And if you´re lucky, she´ll slash you


Run red run red, run red run...

I am horror that you warned of
I bring ruin face to face
Like I´m not a child of God
I breathe revenge in this place



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