In memory

by April Sixth

Mother says the rain is over now, and she´s forgotten me.
She said you better stop your crying now, cause it´s plain to see,
that you´ve been crying, alone.
And you´ve been dying, alone.

Mother can you come and comfort me, cause I need your love.
Help me figure out which one to be, like your son above.
Cause I´ve been crying alone.
And I´ve been dying alone.
In memory, yeah.
In my memory.

Rest in your heart. (x4)

Well, I know that, that you´re out there, and you want to be with me.
Well, I´ll tell you something, I totally feel your pain.
Have you been crying alone?
And have you been dying alone?
In memory, yeah.
In your memory.


Tear me off some, but don´t look at me,
cause I know, that you know!


In memor- in memory.
In memor- in my memory.
In memor- in your memory.


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