Take me tonight

by Ashanti

Why dont you take me tonight
Take me away wherever you like
Cuz I only want you my baby
No place I rather be, you´re all I need, all I want so lets go

[ashanti]: boy you got everything that I need and I couldnt ask for more
And everything on me is all yours cuz
You make me smile like I never smiled before
And I adore you, want a lil more of you
Do anything I´ll go anywhere as long as I can hold your hand
So lets go

{au Refrain}

[lloyd]: baby I aint never been the tupe to fall in love and having thoughts of me and just one
Till I found you and I´m proud to say
That I cant see me without you
You aint nuttin like them other girls
Cuz I get to -
And travel around the world
And you aint even gotta pack your things
Watever you want or need I got it
So lets go

{au Refrain}

[ashanti] now can you take me and can you make me feel like I never felt before

[lloyd] shorty I can take you and I can make you feel like you need more and more

[ashanti] maybe we can go somewhere tonite

[lloyd] if you want to baby we can catch a flight

[ashanti] long as I got you baby everything is ok

[lloyd] listen, you can ride wit me, you can fly wit me where ever

[ashanti] or we can stay at home, we can be alone together baby

[lloyd] cuz you kno I need u baby

[ashanti] aint no place I rather be

[lloyd] you´re all I need

[ashanti] you´re all I want so lets go

{au Refrain}

You´re all I need in my life when I´m wit you everything is just rite


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