God hates us

by Avenged Sevenfold

You wanna hear my side
Ya need to drown to know
With all the times it hurt me to fuck you
I built a wall with your blood to show

God saves us
God saves us all
Go hates us
Gos hates us all
Total nightmare
Total nightmare

Nothing to heal
No one to break pills had a role now there´s nothing to take
Nothing to trust
No one to fake
You´ll find sooner that it´s best if we just know our place

My inflitrated mind
My lacerated soul
It took me years, create me, control you,
I left myself for an idea I stole

God saves us
God saves us all
God hates us God hates us all
Total Nightamre
Total Nightmare

Liar rape kill, love hate fear
You better take your time
You better take it slow
Cuz when you seek the one
Nothing left to show
Total Nightamre Total nightamre


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