This means war

by Avenged Sevenfold

Hide my face again, harbor in the shadows
Feel this weight of sin hammering away
Die - with the guild of a thousand AWOL soldiers
Die - watch the scythe usher me astray
I can´t go on this way - Not as I am today
The ugly side of me is strong
Take aim a loaded gun - Pull back on all who run
A coward´s truth inside the wrong

This means war (3x)

Lash your tongue of bane carry me to nowhere
Mental holocaust battle never ends
Lie - mask the pain of a child who´s forsaken
Lie - to myself, praise the new regime
I left me long ago - Reasons you´ll never know
No one to miss me when I´m gone
With no more words to say - No argument to stay
Another post I don´t belong

This means war (5x)

No home to call my own - No finding someone new
No one to break the fall - No one to see me through
No name to carry on - No promise for today
No one to hear the call - No tattered flag to raise

Walk the rasor´s edge, cut into the madness
Question all you trust, buy into the fear
I - see the man ripping at my soul now
I - I know the man, I know him all too well

There´s nothing here for free - Lost who I want to be
My serpent blood can strike so cold
On any given day - I´ll take it all away
Another thought I can´t control

This means war (5x)


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