by Avenged Sevenfold

House full of roses,
A letter on the stairs
A tape full of messages for anyone woh cares
Collage of broken words
And stories full of tears
Remembering your life cause we wish you were here

Nothing is harder than to wake up all alone
Realize it´s not OK
it´s the end of all you´ve known
Time keeps passing by
But it seems i´m frozen still
Scars are left behind
But some to deep feel

And some say this can´t be real
And i´ve lost my power to feel tonight
We´re all just victims of a crime
When all´s gone and can´t be regained
We can´t seem to shelter the pain inside
We´re all just victims of a crime

Some days you´ll find me in a place like to go
Ask questions to myself ´bout things i´ll never know
What´s left to find
Cause I Need a little more
I need a little time
can we even up the score

Nothing lasts forever for all good things it´s true
I´d rather trade it all
While sonehow saving you
It must have been season that threw us out of line
A time I stood so tall
Now i´m searching for a sign
So don´t need your salvation with promises unkind
And all the speculations save it for another time
Cause we all need reason a reason just to say
and some juste can´t be bothered to
Stick around another day
Victims of a crime
Living with this victims of a crime
I´m missing you.


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