by Ayria

I feel it, the guilt now
It washes over me
Resides in my consciousness it´s complicating me
All that you had to say was never get to close to me
I might have thought my actions through
My rash decisions will prove that now it´s all too late

Below the surface is where this hurt lives
I cannot mend I just divide
Inside, it´s mine

I´d like to think that I could damage you from within
But I gave up and it´s obvious some things go way past sin
Caught in the undertow, a victim of a counterblow
And now I´m back with these shattered nerves and emptiness that I deserve
Now it´s all too late
Wishing I could move time

Just get, just get out
Now I, must live without
Can´t seem to fix what I´ve broken down
Worn out and now, I just don´t care
Stripped down to the girl I must repair
You made me do things I didn´t like, unfair
Now you forget what I tasted like
And you pretend out of spite
Did you forget the depths of my eyes as you stared and said you wouldn´t compromise?
Trying to take what you wanted most, you didn´t even come close
Now I will stand here in control and never fall again
And never fall again


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