by Ayria

I know you´re suffering
I´d like to change your fate
But I sense a lack of trust in me
I´ll give you everything
I give the weak man strength
Eliminate what makes you weak

Do you want to know where the wind blows?
Do you feel the same when the winds change?

The story of your life
Never get it right
Sleepless through the night
I will be there
Spending all your time
Defending what is right
While afraid to take a side, I won´t be there

Here we are again
Thought you knew everything
If you could only see the world through me
I take the rich man´s greed then knock him down to me
To fill his eyes with what he is

The weakest of your kind, you´re crippled and so blind
Flickering then dying, I am not there

I never thought you´d do the things you said you would
You always wanted more than this small life could give
Immortalized you, God-sized you, live forever
Now you´ve achieved it all and no one wants to compare

Immortalized and God-sized
Flickering like a star


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