Infiltrating my way through the system

by Ayria

Someone told me you should never trust a desperate man
Keep your head straight with your eyes on the final prize
Don´t lose the focus now
Fighting forward
There will always be the ones who question everything
I´ve always noticed
There´s nothing bigger than all of the little things

It´s what I´m waiting for
I´ve never wanted more

There´s no telling just what we could do
Just have to get through this
I don´t know what they want me to see
I just know that they don´t see me
I´m concealed, silent threat too
I´m infiltrating through

I´m pushing through all sides
I´ve swallowed my pride
Just to be the one
Unchanged by the tides
With my final breath
I´ll open my eyes
Made my way through a system that´s left me to die

Crawling under, undetected by the ones who protect everything
A search for power but if you want to be like them you´ll have to emulate
Finding a way through to the core and the center of everything
Imperfect system
I don´t know what I strive to be in this pointless place

But I am waiting for something that gives me more

Infiltrating through the system
Not enough just to survive
Walking on the edge of nothing
Getting burned to feel alive


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