Lovely day

by Ayria

I´ve been listening to this song for hours and my head aches but that doesn´t stop me
It keeps repeating and now my eyes burn
They have turned red and I do this to myself
I should get out but there´s nowhere to go on a Tuesday night
This restless feeling, there is no cure for so I wait

It´s a lovely day to never feel this way again
And will I ever find someone who understands my mind?
I don´t think so
It´s just a sea of faces and vacant stares and they will never have to be in this place again

I have your number but I won´t call it
I fear rejection more than being alone
I´m almost nauseous
Maybe I´m dying?
Over dramatic, but that´s what happens when you have too much time to think about the end
The lights look blurry now and the cars pass me by on an energetic street that I have no part of

I will wait for you to find me but I know you never will
I will seek to you to save me but I know you never will
I will try to regain passion but I´m faltering
I will try to overcome this but I´m overwhelmed again


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