Better than i can tell ya

by Baby Bash

Yeah, Yeah
I´m a spit some of this real game
Some real shit
Some real talk
Na, na
Whoa-oh, Whoa

Ugh, check my watch
Check my chain
It´s simple and plain
The Chevy wit the blew out brains
As I bounce and mash
Count this cash
Floss and flash
Cop and blow a zip wit Bash
Since everything is big in Texas then where´s the zag´s?
I´m a cross the finish line
Tell me where´s the flags?
Brought my rag top
Should have brought the Jag
On the beach me and Beesh
Look at all this ass
I could tell you stories but can show you cash
Give you game and secrets that I know you´ll pass
To the next playa hater
And he´ll break like glass
Now I got a bunch of people digging´ through my pads
So I choose to floss
Cuz who´s the boss, let´s ink it
It´s Richie Rich for those who thought re-think it
Some yell it and tell it
I blow it and smoke it and smell it
Let´s spend tokens wit my people who sell it, what?

I can show you better than I can tell ya, tell ya
I can show you better than I can tell ya, tell ya
I can show you better than I can tell ya, whoa yeah
But it´s really nothin´ though (But it´s really nothin´ though)
But it´s really nothin´ though (But it´s really nothin´ though)

I could show you somethin´ dirty deep up in them corners mayne
What the deal?
I could bend the block and make it hotter than a Forman grill
I got the keys to the Chevy Caprice
I could show you mother fuckin´ snitches straight to Belize
Now that´s low
Fa sho´, conspiracy and parole
I could show you real cats doin´ time over a ho
I could show you poor and happy, or rich one´s that lose they mind
I could show you dime pieces in school fashion design
I could show you street lights and heart beak hotels
I could show you young cats gettin´ popped wit yayo
Down to do what I gotta do to satisfy the man in me
And from the looks of thangs the popo´s ain´t understandin´ me
The original digital scale reader
The pedigree playa who be stackin´ his Velveeta
I could show you boss stuntin´ so fuckin´ disgustin´
I could show you rapper´s frontin´ but mayne it´s really nothin´

I could show you
I could reach you and teach you
I know you and where you comin´ from
I understand it
This been goin´ on forever dog
It´s no end
Life is like a bullet in your back from a close friend
Disappointed to the point where I´m runnin´ by myself
Never knowin´ where I´m goin´ start to wonder myself, yeah
Money was a necessity
My greed got the best of me
You think you smokin´ Uncle B
Who got the recipe?
I´m sayin´ it´s nothin´
I say it sincerely, and speakin´ clearly
I´d rather you respect me than fear me
I came a long way and still I got a while to go
You probably thinkin´ to yourself "What´s he smilin´ for?"
My dog Bash about to be platinum doin´ his thang
So if you hate him for it, boy you fakin´ and know it
We takin´ this money
Big bundles of bills
I´m like a whole ´nother person when it come to this skrill


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