Cheer up

by Babylon Circus

Cheer up, cheer up, cheer up, cheer up
We got work to do
Cheer up now, cheer up, cheer up
And a long way to get thru

Some people got nothing
Got no choice but to face tribulation
No food on di table dis morning
But ya must get force to overcome the situation
Must get some force
To overcome the situation
Must get force, to overcome
Overcome, overcome

Some people got nothing at all
No time to complain, no time to shuffle
Every day dem haffi struggle fe survival
But give dem a smile, and they will give it to you double
Give dem a smile
Dem will give it to you double
Give dem a smile
And they give it to you, give it to you

Some people, living in my neighbourhood
Got no big trouble which would make dem feel the pain
No probleme on their way to find food
But dem always find a reason to complain

Complain bout every law, complain bout every tax
Complain about work, complain about strikes
Complain on holidays, complain at christmas
Complain on motorways but dem never take di bus
Complain about the sun, complain about the rain
Complain about every little thing they can´t explain
´Bout strangers, ´bout neighbours, ´bout little children makink noises!
Complain, complain, complain, complain, complain about

Cheer up cheer up...

Some people get on well with progress
Getting gbit success with their own little business
Some a dem are sur it´s just because dem are di best
And fi more productivity, dem never get rest
Learning Babylon strategies
Getting some financial opportunities
Is that di only way to succeed?
Get more, more, more than just what we need
Get more, get more, more than what we need
Want more, want more, still disappointed!
Get more, get more...

One day we get some thing, next day we look fe double
See all what we can do with just a little
One day we get peace, next day we look fi trouble
See all what we got, and tell me why you grumble
Grumble grumble tell me why, tell me why...

Don´t forget what life is worth
Oh what a good thing to live up on the Earth!
Oh my people living in the north, don´t forget


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