Everytime i close my eyes

by Backstreet Boys

Listen girl
I don´t know where to start
But every word I say
Straight from the heart
I´ve been so wrong
Never meant to hurt you
Oh girl, I´m sorry
Of what I put you through

Girl, I´d do anything for one more chance
(One more chance)
I want you back again
(Want you back again)

´Cuz everytime I close my eyes
I see your face
And I wonder
When you close your eyes
Do you think about me?
Now that I´ve realized
I want you girl and no other
Everytime I close my eyes
You´re all that I see

You and I shared it all together
Each other, with all we´d ever need
(All we ever need)
I thought that you would stay
With me forever
But I took for granted
The love you gave to me
I keep on trying, keep on trying
Until the end, until the end
Baby I need you right here with me
I get you here

Girl, I´m going out of my mind
I miss you so much
I don´t know what to do
(What to do)
Please stay
It´s just a matter of time
Until I feel your touch
Until you let me come back to you

Think about you girl
Every day and night I´m in love
And it feels so right
I´d never meant to hurt you
Or caused your pain
I was just callin´ up in that lying game
But now those days are over
I´ve changed our ways
And now I´m counting the minutes
I´m counting the days
Until you let me come back
Till you let me start
To find a new way
To get back into your heart

Girl I´d do anything for one more chance
(One more chance)
´Cuz I want you, I want you back again


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