Work me slow

by Bad Boys

Play me some music
And pour me some wine
I´m in the mood now
Got love on my mind
I want you to know
That I like it real slow
And whenever you´re ready
You can slide off my clothes
And touch my body, anywhere
I´m yours tonight, make it right
Baby just take me there

Take your time & work me slowly
Work it
´Cause I´m the kind of girl who needs the kind of guy that can last
Work it, work it
Don´t need a man around if you´re slowin´ down too fast
You gotta work me slowly

Now change your position
And keep it right there
Just go with my motions
Run your hands through my hair
I hope you don´t mind it
If I let out a scream
´Cause it´s feelin´ too good to me
It´s more than I dreamed
It´s more than pleasure
It´s ecstasy
Up & down, ´round & ´round
Baby just come with me
Take your time

{repeat Chorus}

Then in the morning
We´ll do it all over again
(We´ll do it all over again)
I don´t want this feeling to ever end, no (no, no)
I can´t believe how you´re lovin´ me
You get me off (baby you get me off)
I can´t believe you´re still strokin´ me
´Cause baby you´re taking it all

{repeat Chorus till fade}


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