I'm every woman

by Bodyguard

I´m every woman, it´s all in me
Anything you want done, baby
I´ll do it naturally
I´m every woman, it´s all in me
I can read your thoughts right now
Every one from a to z

I can cast a spell
With secrets you can´t tell
Mix a special brew
Put fire inside of you
But anytime you feel
Danger or fear
Instantly I will appear, ´cause

{au Refrain}

I can sense your needs
Like rain on to the seeds
I can make a rhyme
Of confusion in your mind
And when it comes down
To some good old fashioned love
That´s what I´ve got plenty of, ´cause

{au Refrain}

I ain´t braggin´ ´cause I´m the one
You just ask me ooh and it shall be done
And don´t bother to compare
´cause I´ve got it
I´ve got it, I´ve got it, yeah

I´m every woman...


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