Queen of the night

by Bodyguard

I got the stuff that you want
I got the thing that you need
I got more than enough
To make you drop to your knees
Cuz I´m the queen of the night
Queen of the night oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah
Don´t make no difference
If I´m wrong or I´m right
I´ve got the feeling
That I´m willing tonight
Well I ain´t nobody´s angel
What can I say?
Well I´m just that way

{repeat Chorus}
Just say say it again

You got a problem with the way that I am
They say I´m trouble
But I don´t give a damn
But when I bad I know I´m better
I just wanna get you
And turn it up for you

{repeat Chorus}
Just say say it again

{Guitar Solo}

{Chorus, x2}
Just say say it again


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