She don't know me

by Bon Jovi

What more can I do, there´s nothing I haven´t tried
Still it´s so hard for her to notice
I´ve tried hard to be straight
There´s nothing left I can say
If only she would look my way
She don´t know me, she don´t know
She don´t see me, she don´t care
She can´t hear me, can´t hear
Can not help me, she don´t want
She don´t want me like I want her
Like I want her got to tell her
Got to tell her that I love her
That I love her
She doesn´t even know my name
I dream of when she´ll be mine
I dream of crossing that line
And holding her so tender
Dreaming it could come true
So many things I would do
If only you´d give me a chance
Repeat chorus


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