Shall we begin

by Brian McKnight

I remeber the day when
we first met
We both got caught in
the rain
And we were soaking wet
I looked in your eyes
You gave me a smile
You told me your name
You told me about
your career
I told you about my hopes,
my dreams, my fears
We had some laughs
One month has past
Tonight can´t you stay

Now that
The time is feeling just right
Candles burnin´ turnin; out
the lights
Anticipate the feelin´ of
your skin
Shall we begin
Hit repeat and let the
music play
Until the night turns
into day
Open-up your heart and let
me in
Shall we begin

Over time
We´ve gotten closer
than close
You´re the one
I wanna be with the most
Neither one of us was in
a rush
Agreeing to wait
Now I feel my patience
running thin
Anticipating when you tell
me when
the time is now
Tell me you´ll stay


We´re gonna take our time
Don´t hesitate to
come inside
Relax your mind
Everything is alright
The candlelight and you
Just pour the wine
We´re gonna take it
nice and slow
auto pilot
Steady as we go
Not in a hurry, no
Till I hear you say
That you´re glad
you stayed


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