by Brian McKnight

It´s been too long
Since last time I saw your face
You´ve been keeping it tight and everything
Appears to be in its proper place
We laugh about back in ´94
Reminiscing, I hoping for a little old time sake
Can you stay? Can you stay?

1 - Do you want me?
Anything like I want you
Your body´s calling
Tell me you can hear it too
I´m still crazy for you
What are we gonna do?
Can you stay? Stay?

The night is young and
A familiar mood fills the air
I bought the wine and
Run my fingers through your hair
My mojo´s working, can you feel it?
It´s most time to reveal it
Let´s fly away
What do you say?

Repeat 1

Don´t you worry ´bout a thing girl
Everything´s alright, it´s alright
See the smile upon my face
We´ll be together, together
Let´s forget about the past, its yesterday, yesterday
But today is today, stay

Repeat 1 till end


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