by Cam'ron

What up on my Harlem niggas
My BK niggas
Back uptown baby
Lennox Ave.
My Oyas on Broadway all day

Aye yo you love the way I rep black
Step the f back
´Fore I bring out the guns
And chest check
Respect that
Any girl I met that
Hit that
Love the way I spit that
I don´t kit kat
Push your wig back
Get you shit snatched
Get your ribs cracked
Got a friend
Have me kick that
Get that
Sit back
School shit skip that
Learn how to flip pack
For the big stacks
And the big act
Now I got the big gats
Click, clack, uhh
Since day one been in a ditch
Came with a snitch
Now I´m in the pen in the mix
Friends sending me flicks
Girls sending me kicks
Been in some shit
Had to tap a chin with a fist
When the?
Begin with a stich
End in a kiss
So yo so I blend in the mix
Now a day don´t go by I ain´t been in a chick
8?on the dope ask Dominican Rich
Winning and rich
Eating on cinnamon grits
Grinning and shit
How a nigga spin in 6
See they all see the 12
But you see me in it
TVs in it
BBs kinted
Ask who it is
You see me tinted
I did drive-bys
Now I take you on top of a high rise
See if you can sky dive
I´ll bring it to you at your local gymnasium
How ´bout the Palladium
Fuck it Yankees stadium uhh
Play people
Jumped up and sprayed people
I got dudes that´ll jiggle with the A´s legal
You not a threat
You want it you got it bet
I´ll leave your momma and your poppa wet
Nigga wait now I´m set
I´ll go another route
Kidnap your family make you brother eat your mother out
After I done dug her out
Needles to jug her out
Pillows to smother out
You don´t give a fuck about
Un would´ve? about
I´m through wit´ it
Your crew ain´t even true wit´ it
I see your man he´s like umm nothing to do with it
I know you pack like that
But Cam why you act like that
SHUT UP nigga clack clack clack
Pat pat pat
Rat tat tat
Put fear ´fore envy
Nigga I´m not in fear of any
I´ll leave a nigga black and blue
Like a pair of Pennys
While me and Betha
Throw fiestas
By alma queta
Don´t ever fuck around with the Don´s cheddar
See Jimmy Jones frontin´ in the Jon Cletta
Or the black boots
Jumpin out to act cool
Cars never lease ´em
Girls? ´em
My man and his wifey want me down with the threesome
Niggas tease ´em
Bitches please ´em
When I´m out of town yo my pants got a crease in ´em
All calls valid
Never hard mallet
Been up in you favorite star´s stlyus
Bite on my hoes like Marv Albert
But you should thank Un though
Coulda made you run though
Been at your front door
Gun hold for fun though

[Guy] Yo, yo, yo, yo (Cam- What´s up?) what the fuck is wrong with you
[Cam] Fuck that it´s not a game
[Guy] Yo, you ain´t gotta be rythmin for niggas like that
[Cam] Man fuck them niggas B
[Guy] Yo, you know what you do
[Cam] What?
[Guy] Tell these niggas the real deal
[Cam] Aight check it

Aiyyo I´m?
Cook up the crack
Everytime you look up a gat
Got you shook up attack huh
Look in the back, nah
The guns I had put in the back
I want the hook up in check
On this work of the rap
Now I´m not saying what I like
Or what I dislike
But get the fuck out my face til´ your shit´s right
See baby boy I carry guns
You know the big type
The kind that might give you a 10 year fear of life
And I was just like y´all flippin´ hundred pack
But nowadays I´m the only
You a running back
You got to understand baby I´m done with the crack
I get pure white coke from Columbian cats
Or the cocaine plan
Leave your whole brain dead
Light this herb
Don´t mean to disturb
Never been to Sesame Street but I flip a big bird
And I know stealers and they not from Pittsburgh
No kids rapping or ostriches
Just kidnapings and hostages
So, y´all better obey
We shoot pro way
Mess with us no way
Now go ´head go play


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