Bandit of love

by Carlene Carter

He´s a heat in the night
A dust in the wind
He stacks the deck right
So he´s sure to win
He´s just an illusion
A master of confusion
One of those losers
That always wins
Don´t lay down beside him
´Cause when you reach to find him
He´ll be gone
The song he was singin´
He´s a hell-raisin´ angel
And a heaven-sent devil
He cannot be trusted with love
He´s a song you can´t forget
Once you sing it
Like the money you bet
You´ll probably regret it
He´s an answered prayer
A childish dare
And a fool-hearty outlaw
Who´s just passing through
Repeat Chorus
Keeps his hat on his head
His hand on his heart
His boots by the bed
While he studies his heart
His truth is deceivin´
Stays for the leavin´
He´s a bandit of love
A collector of hearts
Repeat Chorus
He cannot be trusted with love
No he cannot be trusted with love
He cannot be trusted with love


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