Too proud

by Carlene Carter

Too proud to say we were wrong
You let me leave you
And you knew that I was gone
Long before I stopped pretending
The one who chose my love so carefully
You should have loved me better
I´m not one to call to blame
Fools at love--they´re all the same
Too proud to say they´re wrong
Too proud and then they´re gone
And who was I to think I´d change at all
I´ve always been alone
And bet I often freedom and not a prisoner to the cause
And all my pain was by my own hands
The one who thought that love could last forever
Guess I should have checked my record
´Cause now I see that love is not blind
It just stands frozen watching from behind
Too proud to say I´m wrong
Too proud and then I´m gone
Too proud to say we´re wrong
Too proud it´s all gone


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