Punch and jud

by Cascada

Everybody laughs to see
Judy being mean to me
Everybody here in town
Knows that I´m just Judy´s clown

Oh every place we ever go
Everybody seems to know
Well, they know we´re just
A punch and Judy show

Judy makes a fool of me
Why can´t she just let me be
Even though I know the score
I keep coming back for more

I wish I knew why she acts this way
We´re like puppets in a play
Judy play that being cruel
While must act the happy fool

Though I smile it hurts inside
Even puppets have some pride
I would leave her if I could
If my heart were made of wood

So everyday we´ll give our show
And it always hurts me so
Yes, well always be
A Punch and Judy

Always be A Punch And Judy Show
(Punch And Judy Show)
Punch And Judy Show
(Punch And Judy Show)


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