Everybody knew but me

by Chico Debarge

Uhuhuh baby, yeah
Listen Baby
Have to write you this letter
To get something off my chess
Never had the chance to tell you
how I really felt
when you up and disappeared
Out of the blue
you just left
Yes you liked when you said:
"The only thing that could separate us was death"
´cause you spread your wings, like a bird in the sky
Can pushing on, and saw it down or look king behind
I had to find that you moved on through the grapevine??
´cause you never say goodbye, I..

First you told to Taniki, Tanika told Rashanda and Joy
Joy told Vanessa, Vanessa told Latina that you were gone
You were gone
everybody knew that you moved on without me
Without me
everybody knew that you moved on but me

So much time, has tint since best passed by
Since I less held you, in these arms and called you mine, baby
I still remember after the movies we rode to the park, babe
And we´d be sexin´, late in the both after dark
We´d take a shower, jumped in one another
Exploring each other´s bdies, like first time silent lovers
And oh how it felt, when the engaged
Do ehh come to mine like that, ohhh

Chorus x3

You left me standing alone in the corner..
I´m a man and a man is supposed to cry
About loosing a woman, I´d rather lay down and die.


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