Making circles

by Christian Kane

Well our love story reads like a book of lies
Good intentions, better alibis
No happy endings, no straight lines
No movin´ on, but no goodbyes

This bittersweet revelry, will be the death of me

We go round and round, tryin´ to work it out
And all I get is hell-bent and bound
Never far from right where we are

And you would think that we´d get enough
You know we´re goin´ to fuck it up
We´re holdin´ on and sinking down
Here we go round and round
Making circles
Making circles

We both need to lead, while we dance alone
One more graceful spin, on who´s right or wrong
The same old words, the same old song
Maybe we´re right, where we belong

It can´t get much better, it sure can´t get worse
Well ether way you turn, it´s gonna hurt

Repeat Chorus.

You´d think that we had had enough
Be sick and tired of fuckin´ up
Holdin´ on, sinkin´ down
Here we go round and round


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