by City High

Well you can say I´m plain Jane
But it ´s not the same, I ain´t into
Big names, but I lke nice things
I like boxin´ matches and the football games
I wouldn´t mind bein´ an actress
But I love to sing
I like going out, taken walks ´n´ stuff
I don´t run with many girls cause they talk too much
I enjoy quiet nights at home and
Curl up next to ya-though I ain´t
A virgin that don´t mean I´m havin´

{Refrain: x2}
Cause anywhere I go I´m spotted
And anything I want I got it
5"5 with brown eyes, smile like the sun rise.

Baby look me in the eyes
And tell me if
I´m the kind f girl ya lke
I´m feeling you
Cause baby you´re my kind of guy
That´s what it is
Think about it you just might
Wanna run with this
All night long
And if ya want me we can keep this goin´
But let me tell you I´m the type that´s strong
And I don´t trust a lot of men I´m independent
I ain´t like some other women

{au Refrain}

Ven Aqi, Ven Aqi mama, baby girl I don´t
You know you are a star, I see we could take a little
Trip to me casa, spend a night popin´ cris in
The hot tub, see I ain´t never seen no girl like you.
Every sexy little thing you d o 5"5 brown eyes with your thick thighs.

{au Refrain}


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