Hands off

by Clique Girlz

There´s a rumor circulating
You put the moves on the one I´m dating
Your message
intercepted, your actions need to be corrected
You don´t have a
chance in heaven
You´ll never get him,
Give it up cause you can´t win

Hands off,
He´s mine
I see you talkin´ in his ear,
It´s fine
I know you think you´re gonna change his mind,
but you´re so dead wrong!
Hands off,
It´s time
He´s all about me
He won´t cross the line
You need to hear it
Let me clarify, verify
He´s abso-freaking-totally mine

I got his picture
on my dresser
That says I love you
always and forever
Your agenda
so abrasion
Shot it down cause he thinks that i´m amazing


I´m truly sorry things went down this way
We´d be cool if you had stayed away

You´ll never get him

hands off
hands off
hands off
oh oh

hands off
he´s mine
i see you talkin´ in his ear
it´s fine
i know you think you´re gonna change his mind
but you´re so dead wrong
hands off
it´s time
he´s all about me
he won´t cross the line
you need to hear it now
so listen up i´ve had enough
get it straight
know the date
let me clarify
he´s abso-freaking-totally mine


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