Born to move

by Creedence

Ev´ry day I´m gonna strut that stuff.
When the music´s loud I can´t get enough.
Singin´ hi, singin´ hi,
Come on feet, Teach yourself to move.

People shuff´lin´ up and down again.
Unhappy faces ain´t gonna get you in.
Singin´ hi, singin´ hi,
Come on people, Teach yourself to move.

Hey, hey! Hey, all right!

Spread the news, we´re goin´ have some fun.
Let it go, movin´ son-of-a-gun.
Singin´ hi, signin´ hi,
Come on feet, We was Born To Move.

Hey, hey, Lord! Come on, move it, now boy!


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