Can't carry on

by Crowded House

Why do I kid myself
Why do I scream for pleasure
It´s four in the morning should know better
But she can weave a spell
Want it to last forever
Making me feel like somebody special

Can´t carry on this way (just go to sleep)
Before it gets too late (just go to sleep)
Doing damage to my brain
Well here we go again

Though I look everywhere
I never seem to find it
Always a shadow around a corner
Drown it in alcohol
Stuck in the elevator
Hard to remember in the morning

Tell you about myself
If you´re in the mood to listen
Baby you don´t know who you´re kissing
This is a lonely world
You are a strange companion
When you get what you wanted
You want to leave

Honestly I want to free myself
From the burden of inaction
Honestly I want to raise myself
To any plane I can imagine


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