Can't behave

by Danielle Peck

I got eyes in the back of my head
Your halo is turnin´ red
Foolin´ around knocking me off my cloud
They´re talking about your mischievous ways
Boy it´s painted all over your face
Stealing a kiss, mysterious whispers
A thorn in my pride
I´m still by your side but

One day I´m walking away
The tide is gonna turn I´m gonna find my place
Give me a reason to stay
I want to be your lover
Baby but you can´t behave

Remember the days and the Nashville nights
What happened to paradise
Stolen away and I can´t replace it now
Cause rumors are flying
That I can´t avoid
Are they true or am I paranoid
Livin´ like this is drivin´ me crazy
So make up your mind
You´re running out of time

[Repeat Chorus]

Ease all of my worries
Please don´t make me play the fool
Baby won´t you hurry
You don´t know what you´re gonna lose cause

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh baby but you can´t behave
Oh baby but you can´t behave
Baby you just can´t behave


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