This is not goodbye

by Danielle Peck

Mama and her little guy
Barefoot on the driveway in the morning light
His Daddy says “I´ll see ya, son”
“We´ll be together when summer comes”

This is not goodbye
I´ll be back in a little while
Lift up your head, look me in the eye
It´s ok if you need to cry
But this is not goodbye

It´s hard to start a brand new life
He misses Daddy and she´s no one´s wife
First day of school, she drives him there
He clings to Mama ‘cause he´s just so scared
And she says

[Repeat Chorus]

Days turn to years, and he´s now eighteen
Wants to see the world, wants to spread his wings
She loves him, so she lets him go
Before he boards that plane, he lets her know mama

[Repeat Chorus]

Mama´s fading and it won´t be long now
He sits beside her, his head is down
She says “I´m proud of you, you´re a good man”
"I´ll always love you so take my hand and remember
This is not goodbye"


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