Come over to my place

by Davina

Heyyyy... hu hu.. hou...hou...
I would like to know you
Come on...
Tell me when can we get together...ho
To be all alone... hoooo

Refrain: Come over to my place
Relax and chill
Do what you feel (do what you feel baby)
Come over to my place
Have no fear
What you want is right here

huhhh yeah yeahhhh
The mood is set for us tonight,
Feels so right
Baby, your every wish is my command
huuu My love is ready so come on, ohhh yeah

Refrain X 2

Right here, right here
I´m waiting hmm
For you humm
Baby hmm
Sweet babe
Come on
Lover ooooh ooohhh

Refrain x 2


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