Comin' for you

by Davina

Baby, let me show you what you mean to me
I´m gonna give you what you need oooh yeah
Let´s not waste our time
I wanna move right in huh!
Now that you´re here
Let the love begin
oooh baby,
I love the way you feel huh
Give me this night,
I´ll make the world stand still nooo
Kissing all over your body yeah yeah
Touching you just right
Will make you last all night

Baby hold on,
Hold on to your love,
I´m comin´ for you
Baby hold on
Hold on to your love
I´m coming for you

The moment that you left my side
I realized
Our days would get shorter, nights would get longer
Take my breath away with your morning after smile,
Baby won´t you stay
For a little while
The way you move,
Sets my heart aflame
I like it when I´m calling out your name
And ever since the day we met
I knew you were the one to get with oooh

Chorus x 3

Baby hold on, I´m comin for your love
Ever since I met you baby you´re all I´m thinking of
Baby hold on, I´m comin´ for your love
Ever since I met you baby
You´re all thinking of
ooooh yeah


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