Gets nowhere

by Davina

Ah honey, this little heart of mine
Keeps dreaming for a special love
Take me to the sky above
Now I´m not sayin´ what I found in you -
Ain´t true now
But right now I feel we need to do somthin´ new
Now baby don´t cha get me wrong
My love for you hasn´t gone
I try to give you all of me
If I could give you one reason why
Our love is losin´feeling
I´m sure then we both could see

Time after time,
I tried and tried,
To keep our love alive
But I gets nowhere
Day by day
Wish you could say
Something to make it change
But I gets nowhere

Now baby, we´ve been together for a while,
And you should know me by now -
See it ain´t hard to figure out
Right now there´s no need to warn (?)
Together we can work it out
Now I´m not blaming our troubles
All on you
Lord only knows, I´ve got troubles too
You say you really love me
You say you really care
But with that romance,
We gets nowhere



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