by Dead Kennedys

Buzzbomb Buzzbomb
The road´s my slave
That´s how I feel

I cruise alone
I cruise real far
Shoo young punk
I love my car

´Cross Nevada
At 110
Highway 50
And there´s nobody there
Sign says, "Next sign 30 miles"

My paycheck comes, each penny saved
Buys more escape from home
I´d rather cruise around all day
Than move into a home

Plow thru rest area San-O-Lets
Splat! goes the lonely salesman
Still wiping in the men´s room

Buzzbomb Buzzbomb
Tape up loud
Lawrence Welk cranked up to ten
Faster faster in my car

Buzzbomb is my pride and joy
King of the trailer court
Waiting for a nice young man
Who´ll love me for my car

He tells me I´m cool
He just what I like
When I pretend he´s hear

Shred through palm springs
Across the golf course
cops ´round here scratching there heads
Flashing sirens—state patrol

They´re scuffing up the side of my car
Shooting out my tires
Ain´t no way to go to heaven
Buzzbomb cornered at the 7-11


Let go of me mother fuckers
I want to live by my rules


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