by Devin Townsend

1/ Not One Of My Better Days

Night time, turn around.
Lonely is the city tonight
Night time, all around.
Lonely in the city tonight

Grey people stare at a static sky (as you will)
Ours is not to question why

Same thing, everytime.
It always seems to need what I´m not
To all the hopeful ones;
Nobody gives a fuck what you´ve got

I only wish that I could pray to god
(but you will)
Stay a little longer,
Please don´t leave me alone

Bastard, mother, father no...
Time passed quicker than you will ever know
And they can push me harder,
But you know I´ll never go
And they will justify it, but you know
It will take them slow...

2/ The Girl From Blue City

The lights go out across the harbor
And the boys are out on the corners
Sex in the neon basements (red and smelly)
And I don´t feel a thing (It´s too cold to worry)
So in the corner by the dock
Where there´s no light
It smells like piss but no one knows,
And right now just to sleep would be alright

...Feel old, gone where the feelings go
...Gone now in a field of green,
Gone where feelings go...


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