Deep peace

by Devin Townsend

It´s alright to cry
It´s alright to lean on everyone
It´s alright to lie in the bed you´ve made for everyone

And anytime you need someone,
Anytime you heed someone,
Anytime you need me babe, I will be there.

It´s alright to die
It´s alright to bleed on everyone
It´s alright this time
It´s all life, you learn from everyone

With every single time you go
...And every single line you blow
Anytime you need it man, I won´t be there

(Inside the picture of the huge, sterile black and white diner on a rainy Sunday afternoon in chinatown)

It´s all going away now
...All going away now
Going, going...gone
Going, going...gone

It´s alright to cry
It´s alright to feed on everyone
It´s alright to hide,
In your cozy bed from everyone
So anytime you need it man,
Get inside and be it man...
Anytime you call,


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