by Devin Townsend

If you wanted to,
Say you wanted to...
If you wanted to save the world
Where could you start? How could you start?
If you wanted to feel like I feel
Like I feel
You´re running dry...
I´m flying high
We´re running on feel
You wanted to be, what you´ve never been before
We worked hard for a living
We worked hard for it all
You run and hide,
Don´t run and hide
I´m starting to feel OK
But I´m wasted
And I´m failing
Oh Tracy please
Can´t you see?
It´s just me
I wanted to feel
What I´ve never felt before
I was tired of the living
I was tired of it all
Time, time
It´s only...time.
If we wanted to,
Say we wanted to...
If we wanted to save our world
I´m waiting here, waiting
Waiting here baby please...
Stay with me
We wanted to be
What we´ve never been before
But are we tired of the living?
Are we tired of the war?


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