by Devin Townsend

Calling, it´s calling, I can´t stay here
Knowing there´s no higher
Going, I´ve gone for many years
Going makes me tired
And they said it was this and they said

But it´s

Call for me Jesus, I´m waiting here
Knwing I´m a liar
Knowing I´ve known more than half my share
Knowing bade it´s triumph
and they said it was this
and they said it was that

But it´s

Hooray for Dr. Young
Hooray for earth born and son
Hooray the time time has come
We vanish once again

One word - Collective
Mankind - Connected

Never going to die, we´re always gonna live forever ever
Every day
With my skies of grey
In my fields of green

I´ve been all I´ve been
Only for the ego in me
Hide from the apocalypse around


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