Baby john (en anglais)

by Dick Rivers

Oh Oh baby John would do one fame for me
Oh Oh baby John will you earn my misery
I´ve got to know if she´s still in love with me
So baby John will you go to her and see
hey baby John

please go before it´s too late now
i´ll die if love turn to hate now
from that´s the truth than can hurry
sway back to me
Oh baby John oh you can say the day
I known you well and I know you fine away
You got all fine and you know just what to say
So baby John want you go fair run away
hey baby John
she looks on you like a brother
she talk to you and uncover
bulk little secret but she is hiding from me

oh baby John you´re a friend of olds I know
so come on now baby John and say hello
It´s on your way and you don´t need for to go
Oh baby John tell her, I still love her so
Oh Oh baby John
Oh baby John
Oh baby John


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