Gods of ice

by DragonForce

In north lands covered
By snow and brave
Where man cultivate the ground
His arms and shields hang up in their walls

Looking at cold sea
The wind sings a new conquest
Odim lord of Valhalla
Save all the clans over the horizons

I see the distant coast
And high rocks of my country
I may die but I´m strong
Good bye my brothers we must fight(x2)

Crossing every ocean and
Running trough the battlefield
Strong like hammer of Thor
Gods of Ice

Marching under grey sky
Master of thunder storm
We´ll win the war because
We´re Gods of Ice(x2)

No mercy for strangers
Invading and burning dales
Killing men, children and women
Tears cannot stop the barbarian fire

Valkyrias take care for souls
Of our fighters
Dead for Viking honour
Let all of them living forever


I drink in the skull of my enemy
To celebrate our victory
For the proud of my brothers


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