The warrior inside

by DragonForce

Sonic fires bring mass devastation
Manic search in sad desperation
Jeopardise the right to hide from a sad existence

Nothing left still searching for something deep
beneath the cries
Wait for the deafening silence
Fly forever more

Crushed by the thought that you´re all alone cravation in
her eyes
I will be waiting tomorrow
Striving to understand, wasting a life not meant to be
Twisted and so broken once again

And the promises that we cast away will shine a guiding light
Victim of your grief and denial

Take my hand this one last time
Face the world before us The Warrior Inside
In a lifetime of disaster it´s a battle to the end
Final stand my life must carry on
And forever, this time

Battered beaten forced to submission
Stricken by your fatal decision
Suddenly it´s time to say your last good-byes

Misery remains voluntary all illusion gone
Break through the blistering madness
Free forever more

Blinding my eyes with your filtering mutation cast aside
I´ll still be waiting tomorrow
Slaves to a toxic man, forced to a life of yesterday
Theatre of salvation crushed and burned

Down this lonely road recede the day our dreams are
brushed aside
Can´t regain this emptiness in time

Take my hand this one last time
Face the world before us, the warrior inside.
In a lifetime of disaster, its a battle to the end,
Final stand, my life must carry on.
and forever, this time.


See through the skies, far beyond the world tonight
Hear the sounds of freedom ring in a silent dream
And a million miles away x2

Reach for the stars, and live our lives forever free
In our hearts for a thousand years and a thousand lifetimes
And the dawn of a new day will rise, a light for us all...


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