Crimson kiss

by Elton John

For so many years we´ve shared this path together
Kindred spirits in search of history
For you the holy grail is where we come from
But it´s a different road I crave these days for me

You dwell so on the dawn of our creation
And search for ghosts from our mythology
But for now the wonders that the world can offer
Mean more to me than ancient family trees

To hear the waves and the timbers of a schooner
Fighting up the coastline of Cape Horn
To travel in the shadow of the long boats
To where the giants of the Arctic ice were born

Or the mystery of the deep dark Congo River
Where the crocodile hunts and the python strikes
To watch another predator in action
Could rejuvinate some meaning in my life

The well spring of my strength unrestricted
There´s so little I could fail to endure
I could face a tract across the Himalayas
Survive the freezing mist of Scottish Moores

My need to go is hard to fight
I want to gaze upon this world just like the Northern Lights
And of all the things about you that I´m going to miss
Is the bond we´ve formed forever through this crimson kiss
My son so dear, the worth out there
History calls and I can´t resist
But you and me have memories bound together by the crimson kiss

I would read of Czarist Russia and St. Petersburg
When I was sick and human long ago
Now there burns in me a passion for adventure
A need to wake where savage trumpets blow

A chance to see the last of Seven Wonders
That great Pyramid of Giza´s all that stands
And like the pharoah who´s entombed beneath it
I´ll sleep by day in vast Egyptian sands

The thrill to hunt in such exotic places
I could almost taste those beauties in Siam
The brown-skinned boys of Mikonos and Rangoon
The shy Chinese behind their painted fans

[repeat chorus]


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